Friday, February 16, 2007


After the last crash of my old XP I decided to install Vista on my Dell Latitude 610. I have installed Office 2007 and it was so pretty…

But when all were running perfectly during two days, this morning I could not start my notebook. After rebooting in safe mode it stopped at the load of the CRCDISK.SYS and 10-15 minutes later it continues with the boot process. Searching on the net I found a lot of posts about this issue, but apparently nothing could be applied to my notebook. Some posts talked about the external devices, other about the upgrade from XP and other about the energy supply. Then I remembered that the only suspicious thing that I had done about energy supply was to change de "Power Plan" of my machine from "Balanced" to "High Performance". Finally, I reverted this setting and all works.

Note: Now I am writing this post from Vista and directly from Word 2007. A great feature!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Creating a secure site using SSL

I have found this utility to do it in less than 1 minute and the most important thing... WITHOUT TYPING! Its name is SSL Diagnostics Version 1.1 (x86) and you can get it from Microsoft. You only have to identify your IIS instance, right-click and choose Create New Cert.